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Report a Positive Case of COVID-19

Please submit a form if you have tested positive:

Success from Cooperation

RIC管理部门非常感谢我们校园社区的每一位成员,因为我们努力保护每个人的健康和健康,并提供丰富的校园体验. 请继续遵守我们制定的缓解措施,以确保您的健康, and that of your fellow students, staff and faculty.

If you have any questions about these mitigations:

RIC COVID-19 Mitigations


*Subject to change per COVID-19 Community Burden Level

该疫苗已被证明是安全有效的,可避免严重疾病和住院治疗. Rhode Island College (RIC) is requesting that all students, 在十大电子游艺平台首选以外接受COVID-19疫苗接种的教职员工输入疫苗接种日期,并在Medicat患者门户网站上传他们的COVID-19疫苗接种卡. 

强烈建议使用二价疫苗来降低疾病的严重程度, protect high-risk populations, decrease the strain on health care resources. RIC将强烈建议学生和非机密员工全面接种COVID-19疫苗. Medical and religious exemptions are no longer required.   

RIC also recommends that all eligible students, 教职员工向他们的初级保健医生咨询是否应该接种目前可用的COVID-19二价疫苗.  

Upcoming Clinic:

Bivalent Vaccine Clinic
September 6, 2023
12 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Student Union Ballroom

The Center for Health and Wellness – Health Services offices provides testing.

Test kits will also be available in the dorms for self-testing.

If there is a significant surge on campus, or if RIDOH alerts us to a community surge, 我们将保留要求未接种疫苗的学生参加测试方案的权利, or to institute a masking protocol, in consultation with RIDOH.


医用(纸质)口罩以及KN95和N95是预防传播的最佳防护. 口罩应同时覆盖口鼻,并紧密贴合,以确保获得最佳保护. With the highly transmissible nature of the Omicron variant, 戴口罩的方式要适合,没有空气间隙,这是最具保护作用的. 如果资源有限,CDC指南中描述的双重屏蔽是次佳选择. Gaiters, scarves and cloth masks will not be permitted.

If you are having COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Students living on campus please contact the Center for Health and Wellness (CHW) to schedule a test. Do not attend class or visit other congregate areas (e.g., library, gym).
  • Commuter students, 请联系您的初级保健提供者安排测试,如果呈阳性,请联系CHW. Do not come to campus.
  • 教职员工,请联系您的初级保健提供者安排测试和联系 Human Resources if positive. Do not come to campus

RIC将实施5天(根据CDC一般指南)或10天(CDC聚集环境指南-如果症状在第6天持续存在)隔离方案. Students will be asked to Isolate at home whenever possible. Students will have to be cleared by Health Services on Day 6. This protocol allows students to return to class as soon as possible. 所有学生必须在不使用退烧药的情况下保持24小时不发烧. The term “asymptomatic” does not always mean “not contagious.” Therefore, 任何在第10天之前离开隔离的人都应提供并指导他们正确使用合适的口罩, 在公共室内环境和拥挤的室外环境中,在无法保持距离的情况下,应该始终佩戴哪一种. If the individual cannot comply with the mask guidance as outlined, continuance of 10 days of isolation will be considered.

Options for Residential Isolation of Students:

  • 住在学校附近并有自己交通工具的学生可以在家隔离.
  • 阳性的学生可以在隔离期间进入指定的房间/地点.
  • Students living in a single dorm can isolate in their room.

隔离空间可能有限,对大量被隔离个体的病例管理将是一项挑战. In general, all individuals who are exposed (i.e., 感染者的密切接触者应监测症状,如未接种疫苗/加强接种,应戴上合适的口罩10天. 如果一个人在任何时候出现症状,他们应该立即隔离并接受检测. 



有合并症的学生患严重疾病的风险较高,应咨询 Health Services 或他们的私人医疗保健提供者,了解减少风险和利用RIC提供的住宿的最佳策略. Referrals to and collaboration with campus partners in student success, 学术事务和残疾服务将为学生提供一个机会来解决他们的具体需求.

Employees should consult with Human Resources to address their individual concerns.

More detailed information, including travel and event protocols can be found on this web page, and updates will be sent by email from

如果情况或当地情况发生变化,RIC可能会恢复或加强某些措施(例如.g., 二价增强剂或戴口罩)以及根据疾病预防控制中心或国际扶轮卫生部的指导采取的其他缓解措施.

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COVID-19 Response Team

Center for Health and Wellness

我们在这里提供保密和全面的初级保健和咨询,以提高学生的学术潜力. Telehealth Appointments Available.